Monday, June 4, 2012

Don’t Let the Fasting Glucose Get You Down!

I’ve been quite pleased with my progress concerning my diabetes and weight-loss.  I’m doing really well!  However, there is one aspect of my day that never ceases to frustrate and confuse me: my fasting glucose reading.

My fasting readings are more stubborn than I am.  They insist on hanging out in the 1teens and won’t budge, unless they creep up into the low 120’s.  I have tried everything I know to do; I’ve tried a snack at night, no snack at night, moderate carbs at dinner and no carbs at dinner. There was even a time when I considered standing on my head while reciting Shakespeare because, you know, it might work!  Nothing is working.

Thankfully, I’ve remained relatively calm through all this.  I haven’t freaked out or cried even once!  I don’t feel like throwing my meter against the wall or eating a whole cake to spite the damn D.  No, I’ve just recorded the blasted reading and moved on.  In fact, because I eat low carb at breakfast and power-walk for 30 minutes afterward I’m not all that worried about that one reading….except for the fact that it pisses me off that I can’t figure out how to “fix” it!  

Due to the fact that I’m exercising regularly and have lost a bit of weight, I find that I’m not waking up in the middle of the night any longer.  I’m generally sleeping quite well.  However, just the other night I woke up at 3AM and decided to check my glucose: 121.  So, that tells me that my glucose is still pretty stable all night long. (I’m not basing that on just one reading, but on the fact that, months ago, I did lots of middle-of-the-night testing and found this to be true.)  I’ve been at a loss as to what to do about this.  Nothing?  Nope, that’s not an option.

Today I begin a new phase.  Today I’m going to try a plan that I’ve been reading about.  It will mean that I will be drastically cutting my carb intake for the next 2 months.  After that, I’m supposed to be able to re-introduce carbs back into my diet.  I’m not desperate but I’m curious to see if this works.  I’m not writing this to tell you all to “Try this!  It will change your lives!!  It will make all the difference in your life with diabetes!!!”  Nope, you won’t ever read those words from me here on my blog.  I’m writing this because I could really use some support and good wishes.  I hope I can see this through and see some good results.  I also want to encourage you to not give up in whatever your current D struggles are.  If what you’re doing isn’t working or you’re unhappy with the results you’re seeing, then try something else!  Don’t become desperate and try those “remedies” out there that seem wonky, but change something that you’re doing and see if it helps.  There are no guarantees in life, but doing nothing isn’t bound to change much, is it.


  1. You know you have my full support darling, I am and will continue to be there for you...Love Ya! Ray

  2. Fasting reading this morning, 6/8/12 - 98!!! Score!!

  3. Yay Kate! nice fasting #. i, too, struggle with my fasting #'s. what i really need to do is some nighttime basal testing, but for some reason, i just cant seem to wake up in the middle of the night. i have set my alarm, and i either sleep through it or turn it off. i have been reading alot about the Paleo diet, and i am considering trying it to see if it helps. god help me but i love my potato chips!!! good luck with your new plan.

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  5. I wanted to wish you luck.Glad I found your blog.I have been feeling so alone with this effin disease.I don't eat meat, so it is hard for me to know what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks to eat!What do you plan on eating?

    1. Hi Happyathome, I'm glad you found my blog too! I was feeling pretty down yesterday and your comment has cheered me up considerably.

      It's not so much what I'm eating, it's what I'm not eating. For awhile, I've removed all grains, starchy veggies and processed foods. I'm concentrating on lots of non-starchy veggies, protein and good fats. I'm really feeling great and the cravings for carbs are mostly gone. I intend to add "good carbs" back into my diet after this trial period.

      You should always consult your doctor about your own situation with diabetes as I'm not a doctor and don't know your personal situation. However, I always encourage people to eat to their meter. That means that you test, eat, test 1 or 2 hours later to see how the foods affect your glucose. Eggs are a good source of protein, and if you don't eat meat I'm sure you're already familiar with tofu etc. Focus on non-starchy veggies. Cheese and nuts are good things to eat as well.

      I know what you mean about feeling alone. I don't have any other people with diabetes in my real life, but have found some wonderful people online in the DOC (Diabetic Online Community). You can see other great blogs on the left of my page, and if you are on Twitter you can hook up there as well. I'm @SweetenedKate and I'd be glad to introduce you around. Good luck!!

  6. Diabetes is hard enough to deal with in everyday life. Unfortunately, this disease opens the door for many other serious conditions.


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