Monday, April 16, 2012

Trussed Me

I’m off topic today, I’m just not Pinterested.  I’m going to post for the April DSMA Blog Carnival.  “Describe your ideal diabetes “support group”? What would you discuss?”

If you look up the word support in the dictionary, it has many meanings.  For today’s purposes the 4th definition fills the bill; but beyond that, it is the most important to me:  “to sustain (a person, the mind, spirits, courage, etc.) under trial or affliction”.  We all need support from time to time.  Those of us who endure go through life with a chronic disease need more support than most.  We’re also most likely not to seek it out.  I have never attended a diabetes support group as I never really felt the need.  I mentioned here about how I’m a lousy joiner.  However, I spoke here about my plans for getting more connected in the real world and, hopefully, being more involved in a support group.

I discovered that the local support group apparently takes a break for the winter and will eventually be back in business.  I really don’t get this, since winter has to be one of the hardest times to deal with diabetes.  Depression is worse in the winter and having diabetes just makes that worse!  Not to mention the fact that comfort foods are more prevalent when it’s cold.  We need support during all the seasons!  I’m keeping my eyes open for an announcement of the next meeting so I can get involved.  In the meantime, I’ll be attending the support group meeting in Flagstaff (35 miles away) at the end of this month.  I’m so excited!!  Well, I’m excited to meet new people but I’m less than thrilled with the topic: Feet.  Oh well.

So what would I like to see in a support group (besides support, obviously)?  I want it to be about the people.  I want to meet other PWD and connect and share and laugh!  I get the feeling that these local groups are about the programs they can bring in and less about connecting with each other.  I hope I’m wrong.  That could be why there are no meetings here in the winter; it’s just hard to get presenters to our little corner of the world. Programs and education are important but support is the higher need, in my opinion.  If I can do anything with a support group here in my town, I hope that I can shift the focus more to its members.  I want a place to go where people can feel comfortable sharing with each other.  I’ve learned far more from other PWD than I have from the more technical or medical information.  Who knows better what it’s like to live with diabetes than people who are living it?  We experiment with food and exercise and timing.  We learn by trial and error and I’m hoping that I can be part of a dialog about what works best for each of us.  I want to share!

The other cool thing about supporting others is that it makes it easier to deal with things yourself.  “If you want to support others you have to stay upright yourself.” ― Peter Høeg.  Truer words were never spoken.

In my perfect world there would be a perfect support group.  I hope I can do something to bring us closer to perfection.  Wish me luck!

“This post is my April entry in the DSMA Blog Carnival.  If you’d like to participate too, you can get all of the information at


  1. i wish you luck kate. i have never been to a support group either. in fact, other than my estranged niece, i dont know any other diabetics IRL (in real life). i am hoping to become more involved myself, but i may have to start a group of my own! let me know how it goes for you! i'm interested in the "feet" topic hahaha!

  2. Great points, Kate!! I'm involved with several "support" groups and I like that I can get a mix of things - more structured presentations and more casual hanging out and sharing. I think both are so important!! I hope your local groups provide that kind of a mix for you too!!


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