Thursday, March 1, 2012

Who Has the Next Great Idea?

Nearly everyone has an idea or three about how dealing with diabetes could be easier, or less expensive or less confusing, right?  Well there is an opportunity out there that could help someone with a stellar idea get funding to bring their idea to fruition.  The 2012 Sanofi US Data Design Diabetes ™ Innovation Challenge is going on now through March 23rd.  You can go here
to read more about it. “The Challenge drives innovation in the delivery of diabetes care by connecting with the innovator community for creative solutions, with awards totaling over $200,000.”  The criteria:

·       Improve the outcomes and/or experience of people living with diabetes in the US.
·       Advance the quality, effectiveness, and delivery of diabetes care in the US.
·       Enhance the feeling of control of people within the diabetes ecosystem – from people with diabetes, to caregivers, family/friends, and healthcare providers.
·       Reduce the cost of care without compromising the quality and delivery of care.
·       Create a concept that scales and can be accelerated and distributed with ease.
·       Reflect human-centered design.
·       Demonstrate the ability to develop the concept into an illustrative prototype in one month.

Here is a video that explains what this challenge is all about.

If you think you have an idea that just might fly, check out the links above and give it a shot!

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