Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Change……just one thing.

Discipline, I’ve never liked that word.  Disciplining my children was never my favorite thing to do, and if you’ve read my blog post: My Inner Child, you know that I’m still struggling with discipline.  Ugh.

The weather is turning and I’m looking out my window at a windy/rainy autumn day.  There are a multitude of bright yellow Cottonwood leaves in my back yard that will soon need my attention.  I love this season; it’s my favorite.  The only “bad” thing about this time of year is that it reminds me that winter is just around the corner.  For some reason, I’m not ready for it this year.  (Maybe it’s because I just spent 2 weeks in the tropics….)  The time is coming to hunker down and begin doing those indoor activities.

This is not a bad thing, necessarily, but due to my recent struggle with discipline I’m worried.  I’m worried that, if I don’t regain some control, I’ll start eating too much of my favorite comfort foods and reverse all the hard work I’ve done these past 10 months.  March could find a fat, lazy Kate in her recliner; eating bon bons and reading romance novels.  Not a pretty picture.

Discipline, whether I like it or not, is a huge part of dealing with diabetes.  Without some discipline we will never achieve those wonderful fasting blood sugar numbers we all love to see or the stellar A1c test results we strive for.  I must improve my discipline.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my lifestyle.  I’m retired and love it; however I sometimes worry that I’m not doing enough. It’s too easy to develop the “manana” (manyana…don’t have a tilde) attitude when you’re retired.  When I don’t feel like doing something I tend to put it off until it has to be done.  This attitude, combined with my inner child struggles, could spell disaster.

What am I going to do about this?  Kate, the advocate of slow change, has decided to change just one thing.  I’m making a list of the things I’ve been doing that need to change and each week I’ll pick just one thing to work on.  For one week I’ll concentrate on changing that one bad habit.  The next week I’ll add a new challenge while continuing to work on the previous week’s change.  In a perfect world I’ll be in great shape by Christmas with my attitude adjustment!  This sounds so easy, doesn’t it?  Let’s hope I have the discipline to pull it off.

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