Monday, July 11, 2011

Go-to Foods

As PWD who are not using insulin, we have all experienced those times when our blood sugar is higher than it should be.  It’s really a pain if we are hungry when that happens.  It sucks to not be able to eat because our sugars are high. It occurred to me that I have some go-to foods that I eat when my sugars are higher than they should be.  I think it’s a good idea to have a list of foods that you can eat that don’t spike your sugars so that you’re ready for those times.  If we’re not prepared it’s too easy to eat something we shouldn’t, right?  So here’s my list of go-to foods.  Remember, that not all diabetics are created equally.  What works for me may not work for you, and vice-versa.  It’s important to test how certain foods affect your blood sugar.  Never assume!


Oatmeal – I was surprised to discover that oatmeal doesn’t spike my sugar!  I was also surprised to find out that oatmeal doesn’t really stick to my ribs.  I tend to get hungry too soon after eating it but I’ve been able to adjust.  I use quick oats and add raisins, cinnamon and a sprinkling of Splenda.  Yum!  Try to avoid the instant oatmeal as it adds “stuff” you don’t need.

Veggie scramble w/rye toast – when I have more time I like to cook up an egg scramble.  There are many variations on this theme but the basics are: sauté veggies, add egg substitute, sprinkle with some cheese and salsa.  My preferred veggies are sweet peppers, onion and mushrooms. I substitute frozen stir fry veggies I’m not well stocked with fresh veggies.  I use egg substitute and save my “real eggs” for egg sandwiches.  Other addition options include ham or sausage substitute, ie: frozen veggie “tastes somewhat like sausage” crumbles.  If I want/need some carbs I have 1 slice of rye toast.  I found that Oroweat Jewish Rye has only 13 g of carbs per slice.  It’s not whole grain but I like it and it’s not carb heavy.


Tuna or chicken salad sandwich on rye – pretty basic and easy.  I use fat free mayo or canola mayo.  Add tomato and lettuce or other veggies.

Veggie burger on skinny bun – I like veggie burgers.  I heat them up in the microwave and use “skinny buns”.  I guess the actual name is sandwich thins but I like my name better.  Maybe if I eat enough of them I’ll get some of my own.  Add tomato and lettuce or veggies of your choice.  Again, I use the fat free or canola mayo.  Mustard is “free” but don’t use catsup!!  I also add pickle slices.  I love pickles.


Tilapia – there are many ways to cook tilapia.  I like it because it’s quick and yummy.  If you watch your side dishes this can be a very low-carb dinner.  I’ve been eating a LOT of cauliflower as a side in place of potatoes or rice.  I buy the frozen fillets and broil them with a parmesan topping.  15 minutes from start to finish.

Asian stir fry with fat free ginger sauce – a meal with lots of veggies is very filling without spiking your sugar.  I found a fat free ginger stir fry sauce that we love.  Fresh veggies: snow pea pods, mushrooms, sweet peppers and onions are the best, imho.  When in a hurry I use canned chicken (98% fat free) but you can use fresh as well.


Yogurt – yum.  I need to try freezing it for a cold dessert.

Sugar free pudding or Jello – make your own instead of buying the pre-made.  It’s easy and more cost effective. 

Sugar free See’s candy – I bought a box at Walmart and kept it in the fridge.  I simply adore creams.  I was worried that I would over-eat but I’m content with just one now and then.  Maybe my eating habits really are changing!

Cut-up veggies – it doesn’t hurt to have some veggies cut up and ready to eat in the fridge.  I’m not very good at doing this but I need to.  I love bell peppers and if they were already to eat they would make a quick and yummy snack.  Add some hummus.  Yum!

Trail mix – I found a trail mix that is only 14 carbs per ¼ cup.  I have some small snack size containers that hold exacly ¼ cup so I don’t have to measure.  I think they’re made by Rubbermaid.  Just fill up the container and that’s all I get!  I use these same containers when I make my pudding or Jello.  Perfect portion control.

So there you have it.  I go to these foods when I need to eat something that won’t spike my sugar. 

What are your go-to foods?

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  1. mmmm Your foods sound SO good!! I would love to try these out!!


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