Friday, May 13, 2011


It’s Friday of DBlog week and the theme is: What awesome thing have you (or your child) done BECAUSE of diabetes?

This one is tough.  I’d like to say that because of diabetes I have begun to lobby congress to find a cure or started a taxi service for old folks to make it to their doctor appointments, but I haven’t.   I haven’t climbed Mt. Everest or travelled the world.  Heck, I can’t even figure out how to keep the dandelions out of my yard!  I honestly can’t think of something stellar that I’ve done since being diagnosed.  I have, however, accomplished two things of which I’m proud.

First, I am living a much healthier life since my diagnosis.  It hasn’t been overnight but I’ve made small changes throughout the years that have added up to a huge change in my health.  It seems trite to say that being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes saved my life, but it did.  I know there are those who have literally been saved by their diagnosis.  I wouldn’t have died soon if I hadn’t made changes but I would have died to be sure.  Well ok, everybody dies but you know what I mean.  I’m proud of the fact that my weight is the lowest it’s been in years, I have more stamina and energy and my zest for life is increased.  Diabetes gave me that, and that’s awesome.

Second, I started blogging because of diabetes.  I’m new at this (just since February) but it’s been wonderful for several reasons.  Mostly it’s helped me to stay on track with my condition.  It gives me an outlet to “talk” about what’s on my mind in regards to diabetes (without my husband’s eyes glazing over).  I enjoy writing and this blog gives me practice.  Blogging has been awesome and I owe that to diabetes.

Besides those two things, I have a better appreciation for life.  I’d say that’s awesome to the max.


  1. Totally awesome to the max! Way to take care of yourself since the diagnosis. :)

  2. Those are both great things!

  3. Great blog post, Kate! Thanks for sharing this. We do blog about our thoughts and lives with diabetes, and in so many ways that allows us to own our conditions and manage better. Thanks for being a part of this community.


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